Stay safe Stay safe

We all surely agree that
sports are beneficial to our health.

Every athlete who loves what they do agrees that sports improve not only one's physical but also mental condition.

As the Covid-19 pandemic spread in the spring of 2020, perhaps no one even in their darkest nightmare could have thought that ordinary amateur sports would be put completely out of action for some time and restricted in all possible ways over the long months to come.

Life throughout Europe and large parts of the entire world stopped or at least slowed down dramatically. We miss traveling, we lack social contact, we fear for our loved ones, the smile is running away from our faces, the tunnel is exceedingly long, and that light at its end is still far away.

Weekend after weekend, many families come up with at least some activity that they can do under the existing measures. We want to keep our loved ones safe and forget just how strange these times are.

Spending time outdoors in the fresh air...that's what we want. And when even the sun starts shining, nothing can keep the golfer home. We are grateful that we have been able to play golf throughout almost the entire pandemic. That adrenalin of whether the putt finally turns and falls into the hole. This is something only a golfer knows.

  • does not set unrealistic goals
  • does not wish to assail government regulation by waves of verbal attacks
  • is not seeking special privileges for golf

wants to remind that:

  • golf is a sport that we play in nature, in the fresh air
  • when golfing, people can seamlessly minimize social contact
  • playing golf contributes to mental health
  • when golfing, we can keep ourselves and our loved ones safe

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downloading the logotype in curves

Those who know the curious sound of that little ball landing and bouncing around in the cup can relate.
Play golf, stay safe!